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My name is Kasia. I am an author, blogger and freelance writer. I am an avid reader and I love writing and all the intricacies of language involved with the process.

I have a degree in history from the University of Toronto, a communications certificate from Centennial College and an economic development certificate from the University of Waterloo. They all have helped me hone my research and writing skills.

I founded Caper Digital to help others with their online storytelling.

About me - the wizard behind the curtain

What I’ve written


Over the years, I’ve had various jobs that have equipped me with a wide range of skills that make it easy for me to write about different topics. I’ve worked in hospitality, retail, law, marketing and government—and gained experience working closely with academia, industry professionals and international businesses while doing so. Here are several examples of my work.

Business & TEchnology

Before I made the switch to self-employment, I spend over 10 years in economic development in regional and municipal governments. These roles included business expansion and retention, international expansions and sector development. I focused on strategic projects and activities as they related to economic development, data collection and statistics, performance metrics, and business and community development.

Social media & marketing

I am a tech geek, and I love how technology has changed the way we communicate. I’ve channelled that curiosity to writing about digital marketing, social media and user experience trends that impact our daily lives. When it comes to research, organization and analytics, I feel right at home.

Books and publications

I have published two books so far. One is a business book that focuses on how to turn your blog from a hobby into a business. It’s aimed at newbie bloggers and those interested in starting one. The other is my first fiction novel that follows true-crime podcasted Ava Reed as she searches for answers to the death of her mother, Sharon.

The Blogging Game will show you how to turn your blog from a hobby into a successful business with a road map for how to get there. This book is for people who want to transform an existing hobby into a profitable online business. If you already have a blog but are feeling stuck, or the blog is not going the way you expected, this book will pinpoint some of the roadblocks that stop your growth. This book will help you get out of the rut and start growing by providing a clear road map.

An accidental discovery of human remains at a construction site in Toronto brings true-crime podcaster Ava Reed back home to face the ghosts of her past. She finds herself in the middle of an investigation that spans 25 years and centers on her mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Sharon Novak. Charismatic woman. Brilliant student. Clever embezzler. Criminal mastermind. Who was the real Sharon, and who wanted her dead?

The investigation opens up old wounds as Ava uncovers family loyalties, secrets and lies spanning decades. While she’s trying to figure out who the real Sharon was, many prefer to keep the past buried and forgotten. They will stop at nothing to make that happen, and soon, Ava finds herself directly in their path.

Travel Writing

I channelled my love of travel into two travel blogs. Kasiawrites Cultural Travel focuses on culture, adventure, exploration and discovery in a responsible way. Amongst Romans is your gateway to everything Italy from an outsider’s perspective. Here are a few samples of my travel content:

interiors design

I love writing about my passions and constantly learning about new things. Interior design is definitely one of those areas. Check out my full writing portfolio about interior design and related topics.

Want to know more about my career? Let’s connect on LinkedIn.


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