How to create killer website content

10 Tips for creating killer website content that drives traffic

Engaging content is the key to increasing your website traffic. However, generating killer website content can be challenging. To stand out among your competition, attract new clients and drive traffic to your site, you need to create great content. Here are ten tips for creating content that drives traffic.

Why your website content matters

Websites are an important way to get your message across to your customers. While accounts on social media sites can be blocked or shut down without notice by the company that runs them, your website is your own, which means you have more control over it.

You want your drive customers to your site. A website provides credibility and can attract new customers. However, not all websites are equally successful at attracting visitors. To keep visitors on your site, you need well-written and engaging content.

To ensure that your website drives traffic and potential customers, follow these ten simple tips for creating killer website content.

How to create killer website content

Here are ten useful tips for creating killer website content:

1.    Write for your audience

This might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many businesses forget this essential point. Understanding your customers and what they are looking for can help you tailor your website copy to their needs.  Your content should be speaking to your existing and potential clients, not to the egos of the executives on your team.

2.    Provide value and offer solutions

Your website should be customer-centric first. Focus on benefits rather than features and demonstrate how you can solve their pain points. Present your content in an engaging and informative way that offers solutions for your readers.

Link to relevant articles and pages on your website. This is a good SEO practice and an easy way to keep readers on your site, especially if the links offer additional value and information.

How to create killer copy that drives traffic
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3.    Use conversational tone

Write in a way that feels natural to you so that it sounds like you are speaking with the user, not at them. You want to keep your readers engaged and informed, and your website copy should flow like a conversation, not a lecture.

Your tone of voice and style should reflect your audience. A witty and casual style might work for some brands while empowering and uplifting works better for others. Keep it consistent and on-brand.

4.    Make it digestible

Make your content clear and digestible so it’s easy for your readers to navigate. Nobody likes pages filled with text that blend into one giant block. Use short paragraphs, clear sentences and break up the content with headings. The information should be in bite-size chunks that are easy for your readers to skim through. Bullets and numbered lists are also a great way to make website content easier to read.

Consider adding relevant visuals to illustrate your point. Infographics, charts, pictures and short videos are a great way to break up the text and help tell your story. If sourcing imagery is challenging, use stock photography to add visual interest.

5.    Keep it simple and jargon free

User experience is everything in today’s hyper-competitive world of digital marketing, so if your visitors can’t understand what you are communicating or find your content difficult to read, they are less likely to stay on your site. Skip the technical jargon and use simple language your readers can understand.

Your content writing goal should be to ensure readers learn something valuable. That way, there’s a better chance they’ll share it and come back to you down the line. They might even sign up to your mailing list or download gated content.

6.    Include trust-building content

Trust has always been essential for any business transaction. Still, in the world of digital marketing, where people may not know your company or brand very well, trust becomes crucial for driving the success of any campaign.

This is where information about the company’s history and achievements can add transparency and build trust. Consider adding client testimonials and, if relevant, use photos of founders and staff in their work settings. Also, make sure to produce website copy that’s been researched and fact-checked and links out to reliable sources.

7.    Edit and proofread

Nothing makes readers leave a site quicker than writing riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Always check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before publishing anything on your site. It’s a sure way to add credibility and professionalism to your web copy.

You can ask someone else in the office to proofread your work or invest in a writing tool like Grammarly to polish up your writing. Your readers will thank you.

8.    Optimize content for SEO

An essential part of creating killer content that drives traffic is ensuring that your readers can find it. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes to play. SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website from search engines.

One of the best ways to do that is to use relevant keywords. Use keyword research tools to find out what people are searching for online so you can find the best terms to use in your content. Follow SEO best practices to improve your site’s visibility in search results and drive traffic to your site.

9.    Use calls to action

A call to action (CTA) is the action you want your readers to take after they get to your site. It could be a button asking them to subscribe to a mailing list, sign up for a trial or shop at your store. Social media share buttons are also an effective way for people to share your content on their channels.

Make sure you stay authentic and keep the CTAs reasonable. Your messaging should be short and straightforward. Keep in mind that bombarding your readers with too many CTAs the moment they land on your site can negatively affect you. When in doubt, ask for feedback.

10.  Hire a professional writer

The Internet has changed the way people consume content. There are more websites today than there were five years ago, and that number grows every year. To compete and stand out among them, you need content that is original, creative and well-written.

Writing is a skill that you can develop over time; however, if that task seems daunting and time-consuming, you might be better off hiring a freelance writer. Hiring creative writers who enjoy their craft can save you time and frustration so you can focus on your business.

Website content: after you publish

Writing great content is half the battle of driving traffic to your site. Always share your blog posts and website on your company’s social channels and tell others about it, including your customers.  Keep in mind that SEO is a long game, and it might take a while before you see any results. You shouldn’t be discouraged by that because once traffic starts trickling in, you’ll know your work is paying off. You can also hire additional writers to help generate content to get there faster. Need a writer? Get in touch.

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