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Copywriting AI: Is this the future of writing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more widely used today than you might think. From health care, diagnostics and self-driving cars to social media, home appliances (hello Roomba), chatbots and algorithmic trading, AI is changing the way we do business. Applying copywriting AI tools is just another application of this technology.

This article explores what AI copywriting is, how it works, the benefits of using an AI copywriter and some tips for how you might want to use them on your website.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of writing that promotes a product or service by using different techniques to persuade the reader into purchasing it. In the past, copywriters used traditional methods such as word choice and sentence structure to create persuasive and engaging copy.

How does AI work in copywriting?

AI copywriting is a term used to describe copy that an Artificial Intelligence copywriter wrote. This means the copy has been created using AI algorithms and software, which allows it to learn from previous pieces of content or from other successful copywriters who have already mastered writing persuasive copy.

As such, AI copywriters can produce more compelling copy faster than traditional copywriting methods, which is why more and more marketers are turning to AI copywriters on their websites.

Artificial Intelligence and the future of writing | copywriting AI
AI and the future of writing – Pin for later

How does AI affect copywriters’ jobs?

The copywriting industry is complex, and it can take years of hard work to become skilled at copywriting. However, the rise of AI means that copywriters now have access to tools that make their jobs easier. With the demand for content increasing, copywriting AI can make work more manageable.

AI is automating tasks that allow copywriters to create more content faster. Machines can process large amounts of data that the writers can then use to outline and write posts and create content for websites, social media posts, and other online platforms requiring copy. The copywriters who are skilled enough to learn how to work with these tools will be the ones that stay relevant in their field.

The benefits of copywriting AI

There are several benefits of using copywriting AI tools, including:

  • Copy is written faster than a human could write it. This means the time to complete projects decreases significantly with this method. It’s also more cost effective because there isn’t as much time involved.
  • It’s more consistent than human writers because every copy is written in the same style. AI copy cannot be influenced by emotions like humans can, so it’s less likely to say what you don’t want it to say or sound unprofessional because of tone and voice mistakes.
  • It allows for copy to be written in your voice, even if you’re not a copywriter. This means businesses can get copy they feel comfortable with and add their own personality without having to hire an expensive copywriter or content writer.
How AI can help with copywriting
How AI can help with copywriting

The limitations of using AI in writing

AI technology has improved drastically over the years. While it’s still developing, there are several drawbacks, including:

  • There is a lack of human contact, which can be beneficial for some business owners or companies that don’t want their copywriters to have access to anyone. It’s also advantageous in the sense that copywriters won’t know who they’re writing for so it will always sound unbiased and professional.
  • There is less copywriting job security with AI copywriters because even if they are great at their jobs, the copy will still be written by a machine. This means there might not be as much of an emotional connection between copywriters and brand/business owners as there would with human copywriters. It also means that it can feel like copywriters using AI copywriting are less valuable because they’re not as unique to the brand.
  • The copy is less creative than copy written by a human, especially if it’s designed for an advertising campaign or other promotional materials where creativity plays an important role in attracting potential customers. Because of this lack of creativity, there can be copy that doesn’t generate interest or copy where the objective is unclear.


AI technology allows businesses with smaller budgets or less time on their hands the opportunity to have professional copy created at a low cost. While AI can produce large amounts of the website content, you still need a copywriter to guide the process and wordsmith the results.

Most businesses hire writers to do the writing, so they don’t have to do it. Without a copywriter, the onus of producing the copy falls back on the business owner, who might be more inclined to focus on operating the business, not writing.  

Putting copywriting AI tools in the hands of copywriters benefits the writer and the business they write for. As these tools become more accessible and affordable, adding them to the copywriter’s arsenal makes it a winning solution for everyone.

As the technology improves, so do the possibilities of using AI for content creation.

Fun fact: This post was written using copywriting AI, guided and edited by a human.

How to use AI
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