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Freelance Writer: Your Key to Business Success

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Some of them fit like a glove, while others can be a bit of a challenge. You might know your business like no other, but how you tell your story can impact how others perceive it. The hat of a writer is often the one that doesn’t always fit. The truth is, not everyone is a great writer nor has the time to write. Solution? Hire a freelance writer.  

Let’s take a look at how hiring a freelancer to help with content creation can be good for business growth.

A freelance writer can free up your time 

Creating a compelling narrative about your business is a necessary part of success. However, if writing doesn’t come easy to you, this might be an onerous and time-consuming task. One that might be taking you away from other things, like actually running the business. 

Hiring a freelance writer can free up some of that time. While you and your team focus on the operational side, the freelancer can work in the background to create what you need. This way, you are not adding another task to your already full plate or dumping it on your employees whose strengths lie elsewhere. This strategy can help boost your brand and add to the overall business success.

Here are five reasons why you need to hire a freelance writer. 

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Better use of resources

Not all businesses have the benefits or the means of having a team dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality content. Web copy, marketing materials and social posts often fall into the hands of inexperienced or overworked employees. There is no budget to hire a full-time employee, especially if there isn’t enough of this type of work to justify a new position. 

That’s where outsourcing writing to a freelancer can come in handy. You’re paying for their service on a per-project basis. Writing well-researched and optimized blogs, compelling articles, product descriptions, and website copy are some of the tasks you can hire a freelance writer. It’s a better use of your resources (both financial and human) because it allows you to focus on other tasks. 

A freelance writer can offer a fresh outlook

Many businesses fall into the trap of writing overcomplicated content that reads more like a technical essay filled with jargon.  Freelance writers come with varied experiences and understand how to engage audiences with compelling storytelling that the readers will understand. 

They can turn technical and complicated into a consumer-friendly, digestible and compelling read. Hiring writers with creative writing skills and industry expertise can help you create targeted messaging and offer a fresh perspective. Having an independent voice on your team can often provide a fresh outlook and offer clarity.

 freelance writer | writing | small business advice | writer's life | why hire a writer | freelancing
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Give your business a professional look

Bad writing doesn’t look professional. Run-on sentences, misspelled words and lack of punctuation can make your business come across as unprofessional. Expert writers can make your content stand by creating customized content that appeals to your audiences.

That can include driving a coherent brand identity across all social channels, promotional materials, targeted messages and web copy. They can also help with brand positioning and marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate. Your audience shouldn’t have to decipher what you do when they come to your site.

Technical know-how 

If terms like SEO, keywords and domain authority make your eyes glaze over, chances are you definitely could benefit from hiring a freelance writer. As most of the information, today is online, your business needs to produce content that fits that format and improves your chances of getting found online.

Freelance writers also have additional skills that could benefit your business. Many are well-versed in other areas, which could save you time from hiring multiple freelancers. For example, SEO optimization, photography, designing infographics, creating custom webpages and designing social-ready templates, brochures, or ebook covers can all be part of the one-stop-shop offering. Now that is a great deal. 

So, how to find the right freelance writer for you?

When it comes down to choosing a freelance writer, you have to find one whose writing style you like and who will fit your business. If you don’t like the way they write, you’re not going to be happy with what they produce for you. Always make sure to ask potential freelance writers for samples of their work that you can review before you hire them. Also, make sure you read a few examples of their work before you decide. Not everyone will be the right fit, and that’s ok. 

When choosing a freelance writer, keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. So, if you pay rock-bottom prices, be prepared to receive rock-bottom results. Writing, like any other skill, is something that gets perfected over time. There is a lot of experience behind it, and that comes with a price. 

The idea behind hiring freelance writers is to save time, utilize your resources and develop a win-win partnership that benefits both sides. Will that help your business? Absolutely. 

You have a story to tell. Hiring a freelance writer can be beneficial to your business. Here are five reasons why you need to hire a freelance writer. freelance writer | writing | small business advice | writer's life | why hire a writer | freelancing
Why hire a freelance writer

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